Giants of Jazz Radio: A revamp.

Giants of Jazz RadioGiants of Jazz Radio is an on-line radio station playing jazz from the 1940s to the 1970s. The logo has been evolving over the years but needed a few tweaks here and there to bring all the elements together to make it stronger in the different sizes it’s used.

The font used as the headline on the website is a modern typeface but it has it’s origins in the 50s period reminiscent of the hand-drawn, quirky type seen on many jazz albums. So, very apt to use it in the logo and it also means they don’t need to change any coding on the website.

The strapline is important in establishing what genre of jazz they play as there are so many from Rag-Time of the 1890s to Nu-Jazz of the 2010s. Again the typeface is chosen because it’s the style is used on LPs and advertising of that time.