Clitheroe Civic Society: How to get the best from the content you already have.

Clitheroe Civic Society Our PlaquesCommunication design combines the disciplines of design and information. The graphics should work with the content and the content should be easy to access and be enjoyable to read.

Over the years the information on the old Clitheroe Civic Society website had steadily built up into a disorganised catalogue. It wasn’t clear what the main purpose of the website was and important reports and photos of the work it does were hard to find.

Working together with the Society we were able to decide upon a better, more logical structure and get rid of anything no longer needed. Pages such as “Terms and Conditions” were relegated to the footer because, while they need to be included, they don’t need to be prominent. On the other hand the Society’s main events are the regular talks and these are now prominently filling the centre of the home page.

The Gallery and Projects pages show off the range of work accomplished with improved photos optimised for viewing on mobiles.

The real innovation is in the backend administration. Details of events, meetings and annual AGM can now be easily entered and when they are over they automatically go into their respective archives thus saving volunteers a lot of time and effort in keeping the website up-to-date.


Photography and Logo by: Martin Seddon

Aerial Photography by: Drone Media